Thursday, September 23, 2010

drive-by photography of the hanging bridge @ cheng ching lake YAC!

Chengching Lake YAC has the largest grounds among the many youth activity centers run by the China Youth Corps. It is also one of the best equipped locations for leisure, outdoor activities, seminars and training in Southern Taiwan . It lies within the Chengching Lake scenic area, being one of the Top-Eight scenic spots in Taiwan . Chengching Lake YAC consists of two parts ~ the main Center and the Chuan Hsi Jai Study and Training Center . It is also an ideal venue for adventure education, family recreation, business meetings and school groups.

Chengching Lake is the biggest lush area in Kaohsiung. With luxuriant woods and rippling lake, this area is the best place for bird-watching and leisure activities.

Chengching Lake Center is located by Chengching Lake. Occupies an area of 18.6 hectares, with mountains in the back and lake in the front. With trees and flowers planting around Chengching Lake Youth Activity Center, you can totally unwind and relax.

The accommodation area of our center can be divided into several buildings, and we would be happy to provide some rooms for YH guests, accommodation prices may fluctuate with the different dates, and the price includes buffet-style breakfast, sheets and clean private bathroom. There also have a large swimming pool with SPA in our center. Other facilities include a grocery store which you can buy some cup of coffee, the communication area and Internet at guest service center.

Our Center also is the most comprehensive and fully equipped center of recreation, outdoor activities and training site in southern Taiwan. Rich in “sunshine, air, health, and leisure,” Here provides rock climbing site, mountain training field, paint ball shooting ground, swimming pool, camping site, and cottage area. The camping site, with standard camping equipment and 24-hour safety guard, is the biggest in southern Taiwan, with maximum capacity of 2000 people.

-Chengching Lake YAC consists of two parts ~ the main Center and the Chuan Hsi Jai Study and Training Center .Please make sure you are booking the right one.
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  1. It looks like a beautiful place. I like the way the hanging bridge was photographed through the trees. Very informative and interesting post.

  2. Good to see someone from Taiwan, a place that I have visited many times.


  3. It looks a great place to spend some time.

  4. Definately looks a great place for a visit.


  5. I think I'd be afraid to walk on that bridhe, lovely shot!

  6. I wonder if I dare walk on this one? But it is a nice shot. :)

  7. Wonderfully composed photo. Very interesting post. I'll definitely revisit.

  8. Very nice photo. I'm not sure this is a bridge I am brave enough to cross. I love drive by shooting, too!

  9. What a joy it must be walking across that bridge, which makes each step felt. Thank you for this escape.

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  10. It is a pretty bridge.
    Thank you for visiting my blog.


  11. A very good meaning of the word "swing". I should think there'd be much movement on a wind yday. Lovely shot taken through the trees.

  12. Lovely image in b&w! The bridge looks just great.

  13. «Louis'» acrophobia would probably be very active if he tried walking across this!


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