Thursday, November 25, 2010

my first post photo using my Nikon D5000

this photo was taken at the international flora exposition held in taipei,taiwan...i went there with hubby to catch up and see some of the international entries made by different countries who joined the exposition...i didn't enjoy much due to  crowdedness i almost felt dizzy so hubby decided to bring me out and sit for a while....people are too many that day and you need to fall in line for an hour before you can get inside because it was only the second day of the exposition...hubby promise me we will return again there co'z he saw my disappointment(can't really smile at that time) hope we still can comeback which i am not really sure because my schedule for the next 3 months will be very busy...going home to my home country and chinese new year is just around the corner...a very busy year is awaiting for me lol!by the way this photo is my very first post ever using my nikon what i've said i didn't enjoy the exposition and no chance to use my new cam just like what i am expecting but i also captured some that i will be posting soon...

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

let's go training...

they are group of help and rescue team having their training usually done only on summer days when water is not cold and won't make them freeze....yongsin harbor is always the best place to do some trainings because the sea is quite calm and it is not so crowded with people really a very convinient one...i also love to come here for swimming thought not that so clean and beautiful but because it is the nearest one here in kaohsiung unlike the one from kenting where we went to i still prefer to come...morning walks here are really good not so many people around and if your interested in seeing those old couples having their exercise in the water every morning this is the best place to go

Saturday, November 20, 2010

...the old railway tunnel

i saw this old railway tunnel when we went to kenting last summer,while hubby was driving i am enjoying my  addiction of drive-by shooting,anything
i saw that captures my attention....i click....and this old tunnel is not an exemption to that,i say old because i saw the end of the tunnel was already blocked with mountain of gravel and sand with lots of grasses on it lol!my eyes followed the tunnel to make sure it isn't  working anymore and gotcha!i saw that finished line blocking the end of that old tunnel...also,beside that mountain of gravel and sand was  a private lot i think i saw files of concrete fences,rusty metals and some old tires.i wonder how long this tunnel stopped into action-and that is one thing perhaps i should know...

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Sunday, November 7, 2010

what's on your mind?

what's on my mind?hmmm....for posting these photos??? PHILIPPINES....yup im thinking of my home almost everyday since im going home at christmas with my fiance(he is going to meet my family) ....counting days and i'll be seeing this view and things that i posted co'z all of them were taken last december...missing the farm and the place were i took these photos..yeesss!!!46days more to go...see you my beloved province(the rice grannary of the philippines)and my homeland...

                                       a drive-by shot of a yellow bridge
                               decoration on the resort where we went to
                                 an artificial yellow flower at the resort
preparing for planting time(drive-by shot)
an eagle decoration made by piece of wood at the resort
a view of an early morning sky in philippines